3-in-1 HEPA Filter Particle Allergie Eliminator Air Purifier


About this product


  • This air purifier is capable of eliminating even the slightest contaminants from the air that is very suitable for your home or office.
  • This air purifier is a three-for-one system designed to capture contaminants as small as 0.3 nm in size.
  • Sending the air in the room through multiple layers of filters it blocks 99.7% of the lint pollen pet hair mold spores and dust bunnies in the air.
  • And the charcoal filter is equally as efficient in eliminating odors from smoking or cooking.
  • It will bring you more comfort in your home or office.


  • Colors: White/metallic silver
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Product size: 14'' x 8.5'' x 21.5''(L x W x H)
  • The plug length of wire: 75''
  • Maximum flow: 250cbm/h
  • CADR: 25
  • Motor life: 10 000 hours
  • Noise: No higher than 72db
  • Power: 44W
  • Voltage: 120V 60hz~60hz
  • Room size: 300sq. Ft
  • Filter: Active carbon HEPA coarse filter
  • Fan speeds: 3 Control methods: Automatic/manual
  • Package includes : 1 x Air purifier

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