3000 W Portable Single Cylinder Inverter Gasoline Generator


About this product


  • This is the 3000-watt portable inverter generator which can produce quiet and lightweight power for home use as an emergency backup.
  • It is good to be used for camping campgrounds with the 3000-watt portable inverter generator quiet and lightweight power is a great choice for home use as an emergency backup power outage or use for camping campgrounds construction sites and tailgates.
  • The generator produces the clean power required by a variety of sensitive electronics tools and appliances.
  • Featuring 3000 watts and the economy mode the generator can work up to 22.5 hours and also extend engine life and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • It will be your perfect portable power solution.


  • Product Size: 28'' x 16.5'' x 20'' (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 116 lbs
  • Fuel Type: #95/#92Gasoline
  • Rated watts: 2800 watts
  • Peak watts: 3000 watts
  • Full load run time: 7h
  • Maximum run time: 22.5h
  • Gasoline capacity: 4 gallon
  • Fuel consumption rate: 0.45-0.85L/H/KW
  • Noise level: 60db
  • Package include: 1 x Generator 1 x Manual

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